Inca trail – Day 2

…And so the dreaded day 2 begins! We were told and had heard that day 2 is reputable for being the toughest… I had feared the worst and couldn’t even begin to imagine what lied ahead. Turns out it was nowhere near as bad as I had thought. Most of the group spread out and walked at their own pace. Couldn’t have made it without my walking sticks, seriously. It was like walking with another pair of legs. To those of you who do it, get them get them GET THEM (age is irrelevant, I have the knees of an arthritic 80-year-old woman). Special mention to our friend Marilyn, who conquered Dead Woman’s Pass without even breaking a sweat (at 58 years young if you don’t mind)! Absolute machine. Was great to see her jovial face greeting me as I finally made it up the pass. I survived! As did the rest of our awesome group. A lot of walking uphill at high altitude, but it was worth it. My favourite day of the trail by far.  




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