Inca trail – Day 3

Rain. Lots of rain. We were told that today was the day to whip out cameras – pretty much a photographer’s dream with the picturesque and unbelievable scenery. Obviously we were told this prior to the bucketload of rain. The weather gods had been very kind to us up until this point, so rain was bound to happen sometime or another. It started pouring during the night, unfortunately our tent had a leak and I woke up with a faceful of water, soaked from head to toe. I remained in my soggy state for the remainder of the day. I really wish I brought rain pants (I don’t care how daggy they look [in hindsight]). And waterproof gloves. They are essential. Luckily, a very kind member of our Inca trail family lent me his (clean) socks to replace my soaked-through gloves. Genius. Today was the toughest day for me, physically and mentally. The majority of today was spent walking downhill (very, very steep steps). We were walking in the rain for 10-11 hours (including lunch stops). I kept envisioning myself slipping, falling and breaking my neck, thus not making it to Machu Picchu. My lower-body (quads in particular) were feeling it too. Can’t say I loved this day of the trail but glad that I made it safely (albeit very slowly).IMG_4664 IMG_4672


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