Inca trail – Day 4 – Machu Picchu

The final day! Woke up at 4am to set off at about 4:30am… thank goodness for headtorches. Most useful item brought on this trip. Arrived at the checkpoint at about 5:30, joined the queue and waited to begin the trek… to the Sun Gate. After another 45 minutes we had arrived at Machu Picchu. Hooray! Photos don’t do the place justice. After regrouping, having a bite to eat at the cafe, and most importantly, using REAL SITTING DOWN FLUSHING TOILETS (elating/liberating as heck), we began our guided tour, learning about the history and some theories as to the purpose of Machu Picchu. Fascinating. A lot of speculation and theorising, but one thing for sure is that the Incas were very forward and progressive in their thinking. What do you think was the function of Machu Picchu during the time of the Incan empire? 

After spending a good couple of hours exploring the site (and really just chilling out, it was hot), we caught the bus to Aguas Calientes. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face the entire bus ride back. Definite feeling of elation and accomplishment. I had just done the Inca trail (42km) and made it to Machu Picchu. I think I enjoyed the actual trail more than anything but seeing Machu Picchu was the cherry on top of a very high cake. I don’t whether it was the sheer detail, architecture and beauty of the place or whether it was because it signified the end (probably a culmination of both factors) but it was pure bliss. Simple as that. Best cooks, guides, porters, and company. Huge thankyou to everyone. Loved it. Exceeded and went beyond my expectations.

 IMG_4697 IMG_4700 IMG_4702 IMG_4764


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