Puerto Maldonado/Amazon Basin

Welcome to the jungle.

After a 4 hour flight delay in a tiny, over-crammed Cusco airport, we had finally made it to Puerto Maldonado. Then began the journey of busing through lots of potholes and obstacles to get to the Amazon basin, scoffing our packed lunch on the way. Seeing as our flight was held up, we ended up voyaging by boat to our ecolodge in the dark and didn’t arrive until night. It was a bit disconcerting sitting in a boat in the dark & seeing flashing lights (I have heard stories of guerrillas hiding out in the jungle) & being told to turn off our lights… Though it turns out that this was so the driver didn’t get confused with directions. Managed to get there in one piece & the ecolodge is sweet. Listening to the sounds of the jungle is calming & we have mosquito nets to protect us when we sleep. Heading out to the lake the day after was an unforgettable experience… Haven’t seen many animals but lots of mozzies. Practically walking through swarms of them. That and being over ankle high treading water. Guess they call it a rainforest for a reason.tambopata ecolodge 37 34


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