Uyuni – Day 1

 After waking up early to catch a taxi to Uyuni, we arrived at the airport where our guide was waiting to pick us up. After a quick drive to town, we dropped off our bags and took a walk around. The town mainly caters for tourists, as it serves as a gateway to the Salar. The day we arrived it just so happened to be a public holiday, All Souls/Saints Day (Bolivians like to really celebrate) – the street market was even larger than usual, selling special candies amongst other items. We kicked off our tour at 11am, joined by 4 other people. Our first stop was the train cemetery, Colchani, salt museum, Incahuasi Island, Phia Phia Island, watching the sunset to Pink Floyd, staying the night in an salt hotel, and stargazing over the Salar at night. Did I mention we had apple pie for dessert after lunch? Heaven.

IMG_4789IMG_4795 IMG_4798 IMG_4817 IMG_4831 IMG_4850 IMG_4854 IMG_4861


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