Uyuni – Day 3

We got off to an early start as we embarked on the last day of the tour of the Salar. We stopped by the geysers at Sol de Mañana and walked around in the -6 degree temperature (wearing only a t-shirt and jacket). Pretty incredible to see both the man-made and natural geysers, a real rarity as they are generally a phenomenon most commonly located near volcanic areas. Then it was off to the Polques hot spring – think everyone let out a universal ‘ahhhhhhhh’ as we entered the extremely inviting waters (particularly after freezing in sub-zero temperatures). Totally worth waking up early for as we had the whole spring to ourselves. You beauty. After dragging ourselves out of the springs for breakfast, we continued on our journey, visiting the Dali desert (named in honour of the artist due to the colours and shapes of the landscape), Laguna Verde & the white lagoon. After departing from the San Pedro border, we voyaged on the 7-hour journey back to Uyuni. Definitely not as arduous or tedious as it sounds… time flew by – having control of the music to accompany the amazing landscapes topped it off. I actually really enjoyed the journey back – our guide Jose took the time to show us a little-known, hidden piece of land, for which I’m forever grateful. There needs to be more like-minded people like him in the world. Cheers buddy. The Salar really stands out amongst a sea of many highlights in South America.  


IMG_4951IMG_4965 IMG_4975 IMG_4986 IMG_5005


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